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Boyd Artesian Well Co. Inc.
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About Us in Carmel, NY


A Message from the Owner

Our company history dates back more than 80 years. In 1932 in Norwalk, Connecticut, my father, grandfather, and uncle started Boyd Brothers Well Drilling Company. Then, in 1970 I, Henry Boyd, started my own company in Carmel, New York.

I am a third-generation well driller and businessman and the fourth generation is coming through the ranks. My company has grown to have more than 20 employees and offers many services to our customers. The company and my employees are fully licensed and certified in New York State, nationally, and in the surrounding states.
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Separating Ourselves from the Rest

People have asked me, "What makes your company different than all the others?" One thing I will tell my customers is that I am the first Master Ground Water Contractor (MGWC) in the State of New York. With my son, we are the first father-son team, and there are fewer than 100 Masters in the world.

What does it mean to be an MGWC? When I began taking the National Ground Water exams to become nationally certified, I had to take more than 14 different exams on different styles of well drilling, drilling equipment, pumps, etc. Then, I took a
comprehensive written exam that was graded by my peers in the industry, which allowed me to become a master. I have always continued my education through conferences, conventions and seminars.

Now I try to pass on to the next generation what I have learned through teaching seminars on the state and national level. As professionals in this field, we must continue to educate not only our peers, but our customers and ourselves.

A full service drilling company with over 30 years of experience licensed in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts and nationally certified by the National Ground Water Association. We believe that one of our most precious resources is ground water. We offer a variety of services to our customers. Information is always free as is an estimate from our owner or sales manager. At Boyd Artesian Well Company, Inc. we design, manufacture and install round holes for water and geothermal.
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